Discriminating Irreverence

Arby’s Blocks Critical Customers on Twitter

From The Blaze:

Just like any good fad, somebody’s always late to the party. In this particular story, that “somebody” is Arby’s. Yep: the third-tier fast food chain announced yesterday (again, about a month late) that it would be removing advertisements from Limbaugh’s program.

Odd: “Limbaugh notes that Arby’s has never been a sponsor of his show,” Twitchy reports.

Unsurprisingly, as otheradvertisers boycotting Limbaugh quickly discovered, many customers have expressed irritation with Arby’s for publicly condemning the talk show host.

In fact, many customers decided to voice their opinion via Arby’s Twitter feed. So how did the fast food chain respond to all the negative comments made by (likely) conservative customers? By blocking whoever sent them, of course.

Because, you know,  if you can’t see your customer’s complaints, it must not be happening, right?

As a recovering PR major, this makes me laugh out loud. You’re not running ads on the show anyway, why say you’re going stop? Faking the secession of an ad campaign could only alieniate a market segment, which is exactly what is happening.

All they had to say was “we don’t run ads during the Rush Limbaugh show, it’s not an issue for us.” But instead they are “taking steps to discontinue advertising.”

Furthermore, when conservatives express their dislike of the Arby’s ad policy… THEY BLOCK THEM!?!?

Sure they’ll sell you an (overpriced) sandwich, but let you follow them on Twitter? Obviously that’s right out.

As an aside, if the Conservatives and Republicans are really the “Party of the Rich” or the neue “1%”. Shouldn’t the home of the $7.50 sandwich be catering to them?